Convert massive 3D datasets into actionable insights with digital
systems engineering solutions

Who We Are

JP Global Digital is proud to offer solutions for digital engineering to corporations and industrial companies of all sizes. We want to help you to visualize, manage, and interact with your facilities remotely.


JP Global Digital’s innovative digital engineering software features everything you need to manage and visualize your datasets. This makes us your ideal partner for your digital engineering solutions. Whether you are looking for point cloud software for an engineering project or a solution that allows you to seamlessly share data across teams, our digital engineering innovations can meet your needs.


We firmly believe that digital transformation is not just about changing industries, it is about transforming people’s lives.

  • Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections

Our clients

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JP Interactive Viewer

JP Interactive Viewer is web-based software for visualizing, managing and sharing 3D datasets across multiple teams and departments. JPIV allows users to easily convert massive 3D datasets, such as Point Clouds and BIM models, into actionable insights while bringing the physical and digital world together.

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The Future of Point Clouds Collaboration

Discover why Point Clouds are the new trend for AEC companies
and the future of collaboration and communication.

Improving workflows

Easily share 3D data

  • Seamless communication between teams
  • No more friction between interdisciplinary departments
  • Stakeholders can quickly access the data
  • Project information remains up-to-date

Reduce costs & increase
productivity and safety

  • Optimize planning with subcontractors and stakeholders
  • Reduce project delivery time
  • Conduct virtual inspections and measurements
  • Significantly reduce on-field man-hours

Improve certainty in modification processes

  • Monitor project progress
  • Determine impact by simulating action plan
  • Test multiple configurations and detect clashes
  • Optimize review and approval methods with different stakeholders

Work efficiently in a user-friendly platform

  • Accurate and precise datasets in a single environment
  • Intuitive interface and tools
  • Simple 3D data navigation
  • Highly accessible web-based platform

Monitor and control projects

  • Share and visualize data for review meetings
  • Provide physical context for all parties involved
  • Reduce oversights and anticipate construction risks
  • Progress monitoring during projects design and execution


Our technology applies to all departments involved in your project, from basic conceptual design engineering to O&M departments’ specific procedures. We encourage digital transformation not only by bringing you process optimization, but fostering stronger collaboration between interdisciplinary teams.