Frequently Asked Questions

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What file formats does JPIV support?

For Point Clouds, we support .las, .laz and .e57 (with or without embedded images) formats. In the case of 3D models, we support NWD, FBX, OBJ, and GLTF formats.

Can we use our own storage server?

Yes! You have the option to use your own internal server or cloud provider.

Can I share my Point Clouds with others?

Of course! You can not only share your Point Clouds but also your entire project, using just a share link. With this link, you also have the ability to download the entire project to reduce delivery time.

Do you offer custom branding?

Yes! You can add your corporate image to JPIV. You only need your company name and logo to be able to customize the platform with your brand.

Am I able to request new features?

Yes. We love to hear your feedback! We are constantly improving the software according to our clients’ needs. We are happy to evaluate any feature request. Contact us or you Account Manager to request new features.

What do I do if I want more storage or users?

We are happy to accommodate your needs. Just contact us to help you in the process of getting more storage or users.

What if I run into an issue while working in JPIV?

You can easily report any inconvenience you may encounter in JPIV by contacting us via email at We will contact you within 24 hours to help you overcome any issue.

What browsers and platforms are supported?

We currently support Chrome, Firefox & Microsoft Edge in desktop versions. We are actively working on supporting more browsers and devices.

Do I need to download an app to run JPIV?

No! JP Interactive Viewer is 100% a web-based platform, you don’t need any downloads to work with it. A plugin will be available to your account in order to convert and upload models from Navisworks 🙂

Do I need to provide my card info to start a free trial?

No. Our free trial does not require you to add your card info to start using JPIV. No strings attached

What happens with my data when my subscription runs out?

We are very sorry your subscription has ended. It takes up to a month for your data to be deleted. Please contact us so one of our team members can help you upgrade your account or download your data asap.

Can I integrate JPIV with third-party platforms?

Yes, you can. We’re constantly working on integrating with different platforms. Reach out to us to see what your needs are.

Do you offer JPIV training?

Sure! Every time an account starts on JPIV, a tutorial link will be provided. We will also provide a guided tour to walk through the platform and answer as many questions as necessary.

What is the maximum size of the point cloud?

We currently don’t have size limitations for point cloud files or whole projects. We have uploaded projects with more than 2500 scan stations and a BIM model, and JPIV works more than just fine.

How many projects can I save?

As many as you require. If you need to expand your storage space to accommodate more projects, just contact your account manager to help you upgrade your plan.